Starting 12 January 2018, for flights to and from UK airfields, the GAR will now be submitted electronically to the UK Authorities

Gendec.EU (originally Gendec.NL) has been created by CloudAviation to minimize the additional administrative burden for General Aviation pilots. This website allows you to create and submit a General Declaration (GenDec) to the Dutch Borderforce (Koninklijke Marechaussee) or GAR form to the UK Border Police in a user friendly and electronic way, without compromising your privacy, and without the need of figuring out the routing of your GenDec or GAR. We offer you a personalized environment to store your own aircraft, passenger and crew details for re-use, and manage submitting the GenDec, once completed.
Due to an arrangement with Dutch Border Police, we were able to agree to a procedure of 'linking' your submitted General Declaration to your mandatory Flight Plan. This means there is no need to change or cancel the submitted GenDec once your flightplan changes or is cancelled. Simply delaying or cancelling your Flight Plan will keep border police informed.

For a delay or cancellation of your flight to the UK however, cancelling your submitted GAR (and submitting a new one in case of a delay) is still mandatory!

For your personal records, you can download a copy of the submitted GenDec and GAR, and bring that along on your flight.

Please note that other countries than The Netherlands and the UK are currently not supported.


According to the European law , more specific the Schengen Borders Code (EU 2016/399), a General Declararion is a mandatory immigration document for flights leaving or entering the European Union and/or the countries of the Schengen Treaty. The information provided with a General Declaration allows for effective immigration and border control. The Dutch Border Police (Royal Netherlands Marechaussee) requires a notice in advance for such flights for General Aviation traffic (both inbound and outbound). This notice must be provided at least 2 hours prior to take-off by means of a submitted General Declaration (hereinafter referred to as GenDec).

The Schengen Treaty allows free travel of persons between the countries that signed the Treaty (which is a subset of countries of the European Union). However, there are some exceptions:

  • The UK exited the EU and Ireland is part of the EU, but not part of the Schengen zone, therefore a GenDec is required for the Netherlands (both inbound and outbound), as well as a General Aviation Report (GAR) for the UK, when entering.
  • Norway and Switzerland are not part of the EU, but are participating in the Schengen zone, so no GenDec is required.


Step 1

First you register as a user of this website, which creates your personal environment.

Step 2

Add your flight data and easily add crew and passengers.

Step 3

Save and send your GenDec.

Step 4

Receive a summary by email.


Royal Netherlands Marechaussee

Performs the duties of the border police (immigration) and secures Dutch and Europe's external and internal borders.


AOPA Netherlands is the Dutch Chapter of the global Aircraft Owners & Pilots Association, globally representing General Aviation.


The Royal Netherlands Association for Aviation is the overarching organization for all aeronautical sports in The Netherlands.


CloudAviation is a new energetic company dedicated to creating innovative online services for pilots.



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